Where Can You Store Your Boat When It's Not In Use?

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Where Can You Store Your Boat When It's Not In Use?

10 September 2015
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If you finally got the boat that you have always wanted, you may be running into the dilemma of where you are going to keep it when you are not using it. Boats are not small, so it's easy run to into a problem with finding a place to store it. Here are 3 options for where the boat could go.

The Driveway

If you have the space, keeping your boat at home is a possibility. People usually have the boat parked near the very top so that they can still fit their car behind it. If your driveway is short, it may force you to resort to street parking your car.

It's a free option, but one that is not ideal. You may have laws in your city that limit how long you can keep a boat in your driveway, which helps prevent your boat from becoming an eyesore to your neighbors. If you have a homeowner's association, they may not let you store a boat on your property at all. You may be forced to seek out other options based on those reasons alone.

The Storage Facility

Storage facilities do more than rent the small locked rooms where you can keep extra boxes you do not need. They also offer storage for large vehicles, such as boats, RVs, and cars. It may be as simple as renting an outdoor parking space, or they could offer indoor protected storage for boats.

These facilities work by charging a fee for every month you are using the storage space. You are given access to your boat at any time, so you are not inconvenienced by using the storage facility. It can also be a very cost effective way to store your boat if you cannot store it at home. For more information, contact Epic Group Inc. or a similar company.

The Marina

Check with your local marina about renting a boat well. You'll be able to keep your boat in the water all summer long, and you'll no longer have to deal with the hassle of putting it into the water each time you use it.

Keep in mind that there can sometimes be waiting lists for boat wells, and they may not be available immediately. You may want to get on that waiting list before you even consider purchasing a boat. You will also need to take your boat out of the water in the winter, so you'll need to consider alternative storage methods during that time.

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