Smoothing Out A Move To A New State When Daylight And Money Are In Short Supply

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Smoothing Out A Move To A New State When Daylight And Money Are In Short Supply

24 September 2015
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Moving to a new state can cause considerable anxiety if you're not sure where to begin your preparations. Doing so while working a full-time job can make things even more difficult. There will be a lot to take care of, so the earlier you can start your preparations the easier your transition will be.

Securing a New Place to Live

Take some time in the months prior to your expected move date to evaluate the rental market in the area. Use property management websites, but also private rental listings in online classified ads, to build a list of potential apartments or rental homes that suit your needs and your budget. The time this takes can vary based on the number of homes on the market, and your specific needs, but if you give yourself at least three months to find a first, second and third choice, you'll stand a good chance of securing one of the units you're after.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is moving into a new home, sight unseen. Whenever possible, put your own eyes on the rentals you're interested in. Either take a week and travel there personally, or reach out to friends and family who might be nearby. Take stock of who you know in the area, and who might have the ability to get to the city in question. Make appointments to view the properties at least a month ahead, so time isn't wasted and you can stay on schedule.

Moving Assistance

Don't plan on having helping hands at both ends of your move, especially if you're relocating to a city you've never lived in before. Plan to hire at least two professional movers for the loading, unloading, or both. The time needed will depend on how many people are helping and the number of rooms being loaded, but if you give yourself at least one hour for every 300 square feet, you'll be able to keep on target.

You can save time and money by packing your own boxes and pre-staging your furniture to make it more easily accessible when moving day arrives. Disassemble bed frames, unplug appliances, and secure power cords with zip ties so that these things don't need to be done on the day of your move either. Anything that might be classified as fragile, sensitive or extremely important should be packed in your car rather than in a moving vehicle, such as personal documents, heirlooms, or expensive electronics.

Developing a good plan and calling on all the resources at your disposal will help ensure a smooth move. Don't discount the people you know, but plan for their own lives taking precedence. The more preparation you can do before your moving crew arrives the earlier in the day you'll be able to get on the road, and the fewer questions you'll have once you arrive at your new home. Contact movers, such as United Moving and Storage, for further help.

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