Four Tips To Help Deal With Unexpected Guests In Your Storage

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Four Tips To Help Deal With Unexpected Guests In Your Storage

13 October 2015
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If you have to put your belongings in a storage facility, there may be a lot of things you worry about, such as security, price and convenience. There may also be things that you think little about, like the pests that can hitchhike home with you from storage. These can range from anything like lice and mice to bedbugs and cockroaches. Here are some tips to help you reduce the chance of having uninvited guests when you remove your belongings from storage:

1. Find A Storage Facility That Has A Policy Of Regular Pest Control

There are many different storage facilities that you can choose from which can have services such as a 24-hour security guard. If you want to have the best service, look for facilities that also offer controlled climates and services like pest control to ensure that the units do not have unexpected guests in the first place.

2. Protect The Borders Of Your Unit With Traps And Pest Treatments

Even if a facility has a regular pest control service treat the property, it cannot completely prevent problems with pests that can be brought in with peoples' belongings. Before you store your materials, do your own treatment inside the unit. Use a spray to treat all the borders of the unit to create a barrier between yours and others. You may also want to add traps for roaches and rodents in the corners in case pests do get in.

3. Use Pallets To Keep Your Belongings Safe And Off The Floor

Another thing that you may want to do before putting your belongings in a storage unit is line the floor with pallets. You just need enough to set things on top of. This will prevent your property from being damaged by things like water, as well as keep it away from any pests that may be lurking on the floors. It can keep the unit and your belongings dry, which can help protect against insects like roaches.

4. Seal Clothes And Other Personal Items To Keep Pests Out

You may also have clothing that you need to store in a storage facility. Things like lice and bedbugs can be hidden in other peoples' belongings. Your clothes are really personal items, and you will want to be sure they are protected from pests. To keep them protected, make sure that they are well sealed. If you use plastic containers, line the top with plastic or put the clothes in bags before putting them in boxes.

These are some tips to help you deal with additional guests in your storage facility. If you need to store your things, contact a storage facility like Island Movers and talk with them about security and things like pest control to ensure that your property is safe.

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