Using a Storage Unit to Clear Out Your Garage

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Using a Storage Unit to Clear Out Your Garage

29 October 2015
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If your garage has slowly become a storage area and less of a garage, it might be time to reclaim this space and move other items to a storage facility. If you can have your garage back for parking, hobbies, and a staging area, you will use this space as it is intended. Here are three ways moving your garage items to a storage unit can be convenient and helpful.

1. Storage Close to Home

If there are items that you don't need every day, putting these in a storage unit will keep them from taking up precious space in your garage. If you can find a storage facility that is near your home, it will be easy to get to and won't make your things inaccessible. Renting out a storage unit isn't putting your things away for good. This can be an active space that you can access at all times.

2. Safety Factors

If you have kids running in and out, there is always the chance that a side door or main garage door will be left opened or unlocked. If you have expensive sporting equipment or items for your small business stored in your garage, this could be a security issue. You might have items that you don't want your kids getting into that you can store away from the home, as well. Getting these items in a storage unit will keep them secured. You can keep your garage safe and cleaned out for activities, not for storing expensive things.

3. Items You Might Access Once a Year

While there are those things that you might pull in and out of a storage unit regularly, there can be those other items stored further in the back that you'll only need to access here and there. There is no reason for items such as holiday decor, costumes, or hand-me-downs to take up precious real estate in your garage. If you can properly box these up and label them, these can live in a storage unit for most of the year until you need them.

While assessing your garage, it is a good idea to go through items and get rid of things that you don't really need. This will keep you from treating your storage unit as a place for things that will never see the light of day again. Use this space wisely for the things you need and that you can access when you do. If you can pack things up in sturdy containers and have an organized system in your storage unit, you can easily access items while at the same time getting your garage back for use in your everyday life. Contact a facility like American Storage to find a storage unit that meets your needs.

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