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How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving

15 October 2015
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Moving is very time consuming and stressful, but some people decide to do it all on their own in an effort to save some money. Not having professional help may not work out in the end, because one problem DIY movers face is furniture that gets damaged by the time it reaches their new home. It is very easy for upholstered or wooden furniture to become punctured, scratched, stained or destroyed during the moving process. Read More …

4 Moving Mistakes That You Must Avoid

14 October 2015
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When you are moving into a new home, you will likely want to hire professional movers. This will make the moving process much easier on you and the rest of your family. However, there are many common mistakes that people make when it comes to moving and utilizing the services of a local moving company. Here are four mistakes that you must be sure you try and avoid: Under Estimating How Much You Are Moving: It's very common for people to hire local movers and choose a smaller truck than what they need. Read More …

Four Tips To Help Deal With Unexpected Guests In Your Storage

13 October 2015
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If you have to put your belongings in a storage facility, there may be a lot of things you worry about, such as security, price and convenience. There may also be things that you think little about, like the pests that can hitchhike home with you from storage. These can range from anything like lice and mice to bedbugs and cockroaches. Here are some tips to help you reduce the chance of having uninvited guests when you remove your belongings from storage: Read More …

Packing Up Home And Moving: 3 Environmentally Friendly Packaging Options

1 October 2015
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Let's face it. Moving is not that environmentally friendly. On average, families use 60 cardboard boxes to move -- cardboard boxes that will never be used again. Then, there's packing tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and foam. All of these things help you get your things to your new home in one piece. But when you're done with them, they usually end up in a landfill, contributing to the overload of garbage that's already there. Read More …

Top Things To Consider When Renting A Storage Unit

25 September 2015
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Are you downsizing into a smaller home? If you are, you are likely going to have to find a place to store your belongings instead of trying to squeeze it into your smaller home. If you plan on renting a storage unit during the time that you will  be downsizing and have concerns about the safety of your property then there are factors to consider before you select a storage unit to rent. Read More …

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